Höna Mobile House

Mobile homes HöNA Mobile House are distinguished by a modern design that embodies comfort and harmony with nature.
They can be used as residential or commercial spaces, as well as being suitable for sports activities. The potential that living in mobile units brings is recognized as extremely important, as traditional houses and block settlements have long been displacing alternative forms of housing, which often offer a more favorable solution to housing issues with their innovative designs.

Sustainable materials and production

Using environmentally friendly materials, paints, OSB panels, etc., we create the entire design according to your preferences.

Unit assembly

The possibility of vertical and horizontal assembly of multiple units using a 'Lego' system.

Innovativeness integrated

We follow industry developments and, upon request, integrate innovative wall or ceiling heating and ventilation systems.

Family-owned business

Production is now carried out by the third generation of a family-owned business. Experience, tradition, and innovation contribute to an excellent experience.



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